Our Team

Alex Burrows, Founder

Alex has 12 years international experience of leading teams that have successfully redefined how the sport, leisure and fitness sector plans investment into community programs and infrastructure. This is underpinned by the development and application of innovative market and business intelligence that has been used by governments, 30+ national sport bodies, 4,000+ facilities and influenced how over 10 million people are active today.

Jithin Joison, Senior Analyst

Jithin is a computer science engineer whose experience includes developing and delivering business intelligence services for Oracle. He is an exceptional data analyst who is able to identify and extract the value from extensive databases, in order to develop powerful solutions for ActiveXchange's partners. Jithin manages ActiveXchange's overall Investment Planning Model and Service.

Stella Blake-Kelly, GIS Specialist

Stella was previously a market analyst and product manager at RDA Research. She is also an experienced geospatial analyst, who is able to combine diverse datasets in order to make complex and often high profile investment and planning decisions appear straightforward. 

Anu Joseph, Senior Analyst

Anu is a graduate of Masters of Engineering Management, has been successful in previous analytical roles including at Oracle, and specialises in performance analysis, using data to identify improvement opportunities. Anu leads on ActiveXchange's Member Value and Optimal Pricing Models, supporting our partners to prioritise change, shaping the on-site offer across hundreds of leisure, aquatic and sport facilities.

Li Yi, Junior Analyst

Li has previous experience in data analysis and business intelligence within the 

banking industry. She has a Master degree of business from the University of 

Sydney and a bachelor degree in software engineering. With combined knowledge, 

Li  is able to translate data into impactful insights that supports business decision 

making. She is skilled in various data analysis and visualization tools, including SQL,

R/python programming and dashboard setups.

Blake Mitchell, Service Lead - activeCAMPAIGNS Acquisition

Blake has provided Facebook ad and social media campaign consultancy for several large brands across the APAC region. Over time this developed into a portfolio of over 30 clients and 5+ years experience in building Facebook ad funnels and ROI focussed campaigns for e-commerce and lead generation campaigns. Blake coordinates the activeCAMPAIGNS service, reducing the cost of member acquisition for ActiveXchange partners.

Sam Kuhner, Chief Operating Officer

Sam manages the day to day running of ActiveXchange and ensures all our client partners gain tangible value from our services. Sam has been in the Business Intelligence sector for over 11 years in multiple geographies and leading people, processes and changes across a number of vertical markets such as Technology and Healthcare before moving across to sport, leisure and fitness.

Karthik Yarava, Analyst

Karthik has a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the University of Southern Queensland, and a strong statistical and predictive modelling background, which includes the automation of analysis. This includes developing feedback loops on outcomes to support the ongoing progression and accuracy of our models and client solutions. Karthik is leading the exciting work on ActiveXchange's Optimal Timetable Model.

Faiza Shabbir, Database Specialist

Faiza has a Masters Degree in Information Technology and has a very strong understanding of how to build, develop and manage SQL databases which underpin predictive modelling and business intelligence services. Faiza supports manages ActiveXchange's overall databases bringing about standardisation and efficiencies.

Simon Haire, Project Lead - SportsEye

With over 20 years experience in the sport and leisure industry, Simon has developed a vast range of expertise. He has frequently demonstrated strategic leadership through an ability to identify opportunities and cases for change. Over the past 4 years, he has managed a range of project engagements as a strategic consultant. This has included working with local government, state government and state sporting organisations on analysis, strategy and implementation of sport and community infrastructure initiatives.

Maisy Cheng, Product Analyst

Maisy has a master degree of Information Technology and Information Technology Management from the University of Sydney. With a strong analytical and business intelligence background, she is skilled in data ETL, analysis and visualisation.

Maisy works with the Data Team to translate predictive modelling into straightforward intelligence which helps our partners to make positive high impact changes.

David Kang, Junior Analyst

David is a Commerce and Economics graduate from The University of New South Wales. Coming from a background of finance and statistics, he has strong analytical abilities and technical competencies which allow him to extract and interpret valuable insights from large quantities of data. David is a part of the Data Team that creates value for our customers through the models and platform, supporting our state and national sport partners.

Ben Chan, Client Success Manager (SportsEye)

Ben comes with a wide-range of experiences from a football coach, to a consultant, to a digital project manager. This makes for the perfect foundation for his role at Activexchange; from having been personally involved in the sport, leisure and fitness sector, strong client management skillset and ensuring the successful delivery of projects both internally and externally. Ben’s passion for the industry will ensure the best product is delivered and maximum value is provided to our clients.

Garry Henshall, Non-Exec Director

Garry Henshall has been a key person of the Australian Sport and Leisure industry for over 40 years. He has worked at Local Government and State Government level, before going on to establish his own consultancy practice in leisure management.

He is well known as the past CEO of the Australian industry body, Parks and Leisure Australia, having established and held the position for many years. He also served as CEO of former national organisations: The Australian Leisure Institute; and the Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation. He has also been an executive member of the World Leisure Organisation.

He has been a director and co- owner of a number of national and international companies operating in Australia; New Zealand; Hong Kong and The United Kingdom.