1) Provide the optimal offer to engage and retain more active members (infrastructure)

2) Intelligent marketing - right person, right time, right message

3) Evidence Social Value - tracked community saving

SportsEye Venue Operator - SportsEye PRO (State/National Sports) - SportsEye Local Govt

Investment Planning Model & Report Service (new sites)

Social Value Model & Report Service

ActiveXchange is shaping a new data driven approach to planning, investment and delivery across community sport, leisure, aquatics and fitness. Building networks of relevant data (market intelligence - now covering over 2.5 million members and participants) and shared planning information, coupled with our specialist approach to analysis and predictive modelling (business intelligence), enables us to work alongside your team to create clear lines of sight on how to maximise participation outcomes, commercial returns, and social value impacts. This more scientific, partner approach is designed for venue operators, sport organisations, local, state and federal government.


SportsEye for leisure, aquatic & fitness venue operators

SportsEye Venue Operator platform accounts - more details on our leisure & fitness business intelligence partnerships

SportsEye PRO - empowering State & National Sport Organisations

SportsEye PRO platform accounts - more details on our State and National Sport Organisation infrastructure planning partnerships

Investment Planning Model & Report Service


This offline report service is used extensively by leisure planning consultants, government and commercial operators to assess new build, franchise or contract options, or to viability test changes to the facility mix, capacity or offer at existing venues. Outputs underpin feasibility studies, business plans and infrastructure strategies.

The predictive model uses unprecedented intelligence from over 2 million current facility users, coupled with a national audit to identify the optimal location and specification of venues, aligned with the profile of current and future demand. Its accuracy is validated against actual outcomes from across the ActiveXchange SportsEye Network. A full model overview, video and example report can be found here.


Report options available:

  1. The Current Venue (refurbishment/ redevelopment)
  2. New Site Scenario 
  3. Optimal Site Location Scenario 
  4. Blank Page Scenario (both location and facility mix still to be determined)
  5. Area-wide (all Council) Analysis - aquatic and/or leisure

Each report includes:

  • competition and venue catchment mapping
  • member and visit projections 
  • target member acquisition/ conversion map
  • segmentation profiling to support the marketing plan
  • optimal capacity specification, programming and pricing
  • sector performance benchmarking to test viability
  • Social Value impact (optional bolt-on - see service below).

Social Value Model & Report Service

The need for Social Value


There is a growing emphasis on the non-financial impacts community facilities are and can have. The Social Value Model:  

1) Recognises community savings generated through physical activity

2) Ensuring funding is allocated to where it will make the greatest impact

3) Helps partners to engage a wider range of funding sources



The Social Value Model risk profiles each individual facility user, and aligns their profile of activity at the site with a risk reduction. The monetary savings are then be summed at program, site and operator level and tracked on a rolling basis. Operators are provided a report and/or access to tracking dashboards



The Social Value Model automatically processes member and attendance data already being collected by leisure management systems - this standardisation enables anonymised benchmarking so outputs are consistent, relative and relevant. 

Key indicators include mental health, dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bowel cancer, breast cancer, risk of drowning, education attainment and increased productivity



ActiveXchange has partnered with KPMG as Research Partner (following their work on the Value of Community Sport Infrastructure for Sport Australia) to refine a model with similar principles relevant for local leisure and aquatic centres.  ActiveXchange has also partnered with the DataHub to support data processing and reporting. 

Social Value Growth (SportsEye)


We don't ever stop at reporting. The SportsEye platform provides a range of business intelligence and direct access to the ActiveXchange Data Team in order to create site action plans aligned with specific Social Value growth targets. We make it easy to then communicate these plans with stakeholders

Sector support


The Social Value Model and Service is supported by a range of sector partners. 

As part of this sector collaboration partner operators and sport organisations are recognised for significant growth in Social Value. Market trends are also shared via regular state of the sector reports.


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Our independent, forward thinking team has extensive experience of how data driven decision making benefits businesses and communities from day one. We also understand how challenging data can be!  Through collaborative partnerships we put data science expertise traditionally used by supermarket chains behind each partner to simplify decisions and grow tangible outcomes.

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