1) Provide the optimal offer to engage and retain more active members (infrastructure)

2) Intelligent marketing - right person, right time, right message

3) Evidence Social Value - tracked community saving

ActiveXchange is shaping a new joined up, data driven approach to planning, investment and delivery across community sport, leisure, aquatics and fitness. Building networks of relevant data and market intelligence (now covering over 2.5 million members and participants) and shared planning information, which includes the national infrastructure database, coupled with our predictive modelling, creates clear lines of sight on how to maximise participation outcomes, commercial returns, and social value impacts. This more scientific, partner approach is designed for venue operators, sport organisations, local, state and federal government, and is typically coordinated through online SportsEye accounts, which connect into the SportsEye Network.


The National Infrastructure Database (powered by SportsEye)

  • Key planning information now on 14,000+ sport, leisure, aquatic, fitness and recreation sites, which can be managed and accessed through a SportsEye account
  • Includes uploads from state governments, and governed by a cross-industry steering group
  • Analysis dashboards and export features
  • Create and manage action plans, sharing these with internal project teams, other organisations or publish them across the SportsEye Network
  • A free account is available to any industry organisation, more details here


SportsEye Operator (leisure, aquatic, golf and fitness venues)

  • Integrates with your existing member management system
  • Fully utilise your own data and capitalise on relevant up to date insight generated from millions of active members 
  • Easily track performance and pinpoint growth areas, with 'so what next' decisions guided by dashboards on optimal timetable programming, pricing, swim school planning, targeted member acquisition and retention marketing, and staffing
  • Interactive mapping to show members and target prospects linked to local government health and wellbeing and Social Value KPI reporting dashboards
  • Monthly or annual subscription options, more details here


SportsEye State & PRO (state and national sport organisations)

  • Integrates with your existing member management system
  • Straightforward tracking of participation trends coupled with predictive demand analysis to show your growth areas - these are aligned with the infrastructure gaps (using the national database)
  • Health and wellbeing KPI dashboard to evidence to government your current impact and the impact that can be generated (infrastructure and/or funding)
  • Visibility across government action plans relevant to your sport + the ability to publish plans to manage projects with stakeholders
  • SportsEye PRO accounts are tailored to each sport, providing a fully digitalised infrastructure plan which remains up to date
  • Subscriptions are available from $1,500 per year, more details here


SportsEye Local Government

  • Brings data from your leisure and aquatic venues and your local sport clubs (via the state sport integrations) into your own account automatically
  • Consistent and accurate tracking of health and wellbeing KPIs across both leisure and sport infrastructure to support reporting on outcomes and impacts and justifying investment
  • Predictive modelling to show future growth potential aligned with local priority communities and health and wellbeing KPIs
  • Visibility across local action plans relevant to your area + the ability to publish plans to manage projects with stakeholders
  • De-risk decision making with an evidence base at your fingertips, more details here


SportsEye Business (fitness)

  • No data integration required
  • National mapping to show remaining 'hotspots' for new fitness venues (using the national database and predictive demand modelling)
  • Access key insight on the latest group exercise trends to keep members longer
  • Member KPI benchmarking toolkit to help your organisation to prioritise resources
  • Used by some of Australia's smallest and largest businesses, more details here

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Our independent, forward thinking team has extensive experience of how data driven decision making benefits businesses and communities from day one. We also understand how challenging data can be!  Through collaborative partnerships we put data science expertise behind each partner to simplify decisions and grow tangible outcomes.

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