Empowering coordinated decisions

SportsEye PRO (SSOs & NSOs)

A fully digitalised and up to date infrastructure plan


Advanced analysis underpins straightforward interactive mapping and dashboards, supported by an investment framework. All housed within one platform, directly integrated with your membership management platform and wider audit systems, saving money on updates

Objective reporting and gap analysis


SportsEye PRO tracks outcomes and trends at different area and site/club levels. The platform assesses levels of engagement and supply of resources to identify current and future gaps in provision. This includes tracking social value (community savings) generated

Scenario planning to help rank priorities


SportsEye predictive modelling evaluates and ranks upcoming priorities, giving a clear and consistent line of sight on the likely outcomes of different investment options, and aligns these with current resources and key delivery partners

Influence & connect across the SportsEye Network


The platform provides a central log for site and area requirements, aligned with an objective evidence base. Sports can choose to share different layers and action plan details across the wider SportsEye Network to coordinate with other sports and government partners

Latest SportsEye partners:

- Office for Rec, Sport & Racing (Govt of South Aus)

- Football NSW

- Tennis Australia

- Athletics & Little Athletics NSW

- Netball NSW

- Baseball NSW

- Sport Canterbury (NZ)

- Sport NSW

SportsEye State Govt

Audit Management Platform with mobile app


A 'single source of truth' toolkit for managing sport, leisure and aquatic audit data. Supported by a mobile app for offline data capture

Enable multi-stakeholders to add, edit then leverage key data


Setup and manage account access to keep the database up to date - information is then utilised across the wider SportsEye Network 

User-friendly platform focussed on relevant information


Drill down snapshot on key site information - we focus the audit setup on key data required for accurate supply and demand predictive modelling

Bringing the sector together to enhance collaboration


Integrated with the main sport member management systems used in the sector to help bring sport data into a central market segmentation platform

A multi-sport view on demand to inform key stakeholders


The SportsEye State platform enables multi-sports to show the potential reach of their offer (matched to local need) and areas for potential cross-sport collaboration 

Sports track their own growth 'hotspots' to focus resources


Sports access their own private accounts to view member locations and target hotspots with growth potential, supporting stakeholder engagement

 "Sport NSW partnered with ActiveXchange to undertake predictive analytics to forecast initially demand for nine sports in NSW. The result provides the sports with powerful data on their scope for growth, the geographical locations where the growth is most likely and the risk of participant drop-out mapped to specific clubs and locations. The initiative proves that there is a significant opportunity for analysis of this nature to be undertaken throughout the sport and recreation sector in NSW to better tailor the offer to existing and potential participants."

Darren Simpson, CEO, Sport NSW (Association for 200+ sport organisations)

SportsEye NSW (link to the platform)

SportsEye Local Govt

Sport, leisure and aquatics provision & local priorities


Understand the current and potential reach of different types of sport, leisure and aquatic provision and how accessibility, capacity and quality issues can be addressed aligned with local priorities and likely outcomes and impacts

A relative view on performance, priorities and growth options


Benchmarks and trend analysis informs which types of local offer are generating most value for local residents. This includes identifying the migration of residents into and out of the area with respect to facility use and the key gaps in the local offer

A connected network to manage, access and share key data


Track the Social Value impact generated by different types of infrastructure in the area, relative to subsidy levels and grants, and through the predictive modelling within SportsEye identify the likely impact of future investment decisions 

SportsEye additional modules

activeCAMPAIGNS integration


Right message, right person, right time - supporting clubs and state bodies through ActiveXchange's targeted marketing service to generate new member leads cheaper

Social Value Model integration


Measuring the community savings generated through getting club members active - tracked in a consistent, accurate and credible way and aligns with federal government principles

Optimal pricing model


Our pricing model maximises access to the sport while protecting revenue requirements. It uses advanced segmentation and price elasticity analysis to help organisations optimise their offer

Member retention tracker


Our retention model uses a range of factors to analyse each member record to understand their likelihood of not renewing their membership with the club/ administrative organisation

Create and coordinate intelligence

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