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SportsEye activeCAMPAIGNS  

Reducing the cost of new member acquisition

The analysis identifies prospect members factoring demand profiling aligned with each type of business and local competition. This data then integrates into and is optimised across digital marketing channels to reduce the cost of qualified new member leads. ActiveXchange can provide an upfront fixed cost per lead, typically 20-30% cheaper then a site's current rate.

SportsEye Optimisation

Predictive modelling, using ActiveXchange's central database of 2.5 million members, assesses which facility, program, pricing and operational changes will make the greatest positive impact on your members and prospects, and the value of these expected returns, applying sector-wide market intelligence to local contexts. ActiveXchange shapes and maintains a data driven (and straightforward) action plan with each partner operator to support implementation and tracking.

SportsEye Retention Model

Identifying risk - optimal mitigation - tracking

Advanced predictive modelling identifies at risk members and how to optimally influence the whole customer journey through automated and personalised communication. Member segments are aligned with target behaviour change and mitigation campaigns and specific trigger points to maximise impact (reduce risk of drop out). Constant tracking and enhancement through machine learning techniques means that on average this service reduces attrition rates by over 25%.

SportsEye Social Value

Tracking and targeting community savings

The average active leisure and aquatic member generates $3,932 in community savings per year based on their physical activity profile. ActiveXchange alongside partners enables operators to report this value for each site in an accurate, consistent and credible way. SportsEye intelligence underpins the ongoing growth in Social Value at each partner site. This helps direct more funding to where it will have the greatest impact.

SportsEye Investment Planning Model

Identifying optimal new site locations

ActiveXchange has undertaken and now manages the first nationwide facility audit. We undertake advanced profiling of demand configured for your business to identify a hierarchy list of optimal locations for future sites/ franchises, accounting for competition. SportsEye identifies likely member numbers, visits and optimal capacity requirements at new sites.

ActiveXchange business intelligence partnerships

A tailored solution that predicts, optimises and tracks returns

Knowing what to do next...

We are retained by Australasia's largest (and smallest) public leisure and commercial fitness facility operators because we proactively identify growth opportunities and are able to bring complex predictive analysis back to a single value. Decision making therefore becomes simple. 

SportsEye Operator - ActiveXchange's online interactive platform (SportsEye) coordinate's key business intelligence and links each operator into a series of powerful predictive models, which use machine learning techniques, and are managed by ActiveXchange's Data Team. Each partner's account contains the following:

  • Site and Area Performance: relative performance of sites, accounting for the profile of member demand and local competition. This shows remaining member prospects in each local area and integrates this data into digital marketing channels (which ActiveXchange can manage alongside your team to generate qualified new member leads at a significantly reduced cost).
  • AX Data Team: Member Value model and dashboards use market intelligence from across the sector to identify priority facility, program, pricing and operation changes that will keep your members longer and support prospects joining sooner. Our partnerships put a dedicated business intelligence team 'in the back pocket' of each operator partner in order to test scenarios and develop tailored site action plans.
  • activeCAMPAIGNS: targeted marketing that reduces the cost of customer acquisition typically by 20-30%. The ActiveXchange Retention Model identifies members likely to leave and the optimal communication/ intervention to mitigate this risk. All outcomes are constantly tracked to support all partners increase returns.
  • Community priorities: tracking and growing the site's impact across the local areas, which is then evidenced in a consistent, accurate and credible way through ActiveXchange's Social Value Model and wider sector strategic partnerships.


SportsEye Venue Operator bolt-on modules

activeCAMPAIGNS Acquisition


Right message, right person, right time - supporting operators through ActiveXchange's targeted and triggered marketing service. We can guarantee an upfront fixed price per qualified lead (typically 20-30% cheaper).

Social Value Model integration


Measure then use intelligence to continually grow the community savings generated through getting residents more active - tracked in a consistent, accurate and credible way. More details here.

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