Local intelligence and priorities


Understand the current and potential reach of different types of sport, leisure and aquatic provision and how accessibility, capacity and quality issues can be addressed - prioritising these against local outcomes and impacts. Includes access to the national infrastructure database, sport data layers, and shared priority projects published onto the SportsEye Network

Plan and track outcomes


Set and then automatically track the performance of sport, leisure and aquatic infrastructure against local outcome targets.

Benchmarks and predictive analysis informs which types of offer are, and can, generate most value for local residents. Including identifying the migration of residents into and out of the area with respect to facility use and the key gaps in the local offer

Target and evidence impacts


Track the Social Value impact generated by different types of local infrastructure, relative to subsidy levels and grants, and through the predictive modelling within SportsEye identify the likely impact of future investment decisions (target setting).

This is often used in collaboration with the Investment Planning Report Service for new capital expenditure projects.

Who is SportsEye Local Government designed for?

The Leisure Services Manager


Access a consistent and relative view of the local outcomes and impacts being achieved across your leisure and aquatic sites – automatically updated monthly and aligned with targets

The Community Sports Planner


An online data driven toolkit to automatically align strategic planning and investment with local outcomes and impacts - saving significant time and cost of collating data from multiple sources

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