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SportsEye Business is designed for suppliers and potential investors into the industry to provide an immediate snapshot on how to grow returns and manage risks. This account does not require any data transfer and provides access to a set of key industry insight tools.

New franchise and gym investment (property search)

 The most efficient approach to property search and the identification of future successful sites (nationwide) – all at the click of a button using an online platform that connects into an industry database (Australia’s first and only national infrastructure database and data on 2.5m fitness members used to predict demand for different types of fitness offer). The hotspot mapping in SportsEye shows the remaining priority areas for new fitness provision and the expected member numbers, down to a street level. Dashboards rank priority local government and suburb areas.

  1. De-risk investment knowing the likely performance of sites before you commit and invest (using extensive data and independent predictive modelling, which is based on and validated against real time, real world outcomes).
  2. Give your potential new franchisees the confidence to invest (an accurate business case behind growth which will inform site specification and help potential gym and franchise owners to access finance at favourable rates). The national profiling within SportsEye is supported with the option to then purchase our Investment Planning Report for a detailed analysis of a specific site alongside an optimal setup specification. 

Group exercise program licences - ROI insight

An average group ex participant stays for 3.9 months longer!

Millions of visits are made across 100+ different group exercise programs every month, all captured within the SportsEye database. Our up to date market trend dashboards provide your business with the following:

  • Match the demographics of your membership and/or catchment area with the latest program trends for that group
  • Optimise your timetable to increase member engagement levels in your program offer
  • Pick which programs trend at different times of the year to stay one step ahead of your customers and local competition
  • Know the likely take up numbers for new programs along with the additional member months this will generate and a predicted $ ROI - key insight before you invest in expensive program licences.

Fitness Australia SportsEye KPI Benchmarking

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Mel Tempest, Health Club / Fitness Business Leader

“It’s about time the sector had access to this level of business intelligence to inform go/no-go decisions - last month we used the Investment Planning Report Service to evaluate a new site opportunity. We’re now looking forward to using the SportsEye platform at our existing venue in 2020 and any forthcoming venues - access to live industry intelligence is a must have for any Australian health club!” 

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