Your data - our commitment



Our team has worked for the last 10 years building value for organisations from data on participants, members and activities, covering over 10 million personal records and 500 million program and facility visits. Data security is our single most important priority at all times. We provide the following 4 commitments to every partner organisation we collaborate with...

1) Confidentiality and independence

No delivery organisation ever sees or accesses another source organisation’s data unless explicitly permitted. No individual or organisation outside of ActiveXchange's immediate data team has access to data unless explicitly permitted. 

In addition, ActiveXchange is and will remain independently owned. We collaborate with a number of sector steering groups to guide our developments.

2) Privacy

No personal data is ever used to contact an individual (ActiveXchange typically do not require or request contact data fields).

3) Ownership

The administration or delivery body always remains the Data Owner and can request that data sharing is terminated and account deleted at any stage.

4) Collaboration and transparency

ActiveXchange commits to supporting all partner organisations involved in the initiatives we manage to maximise the value of intelligence generated - if you do not benefit, we do not expect your data to be provided.  

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For details on our Service Level Agreement in relation to our SportsEye platforms please click here.

SportsEye terms of use

SportsEye generates aggregated intelligence and supports the sharing of information across the Network to support collaboration. This includes Local Government having visibility on intelligence from operator and sport accounts. The following MoUs outline the  principles under which this intelligence is shared.